December 2008

An international competition to design a tower situated on the island of Cotunduba just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.
It was planned to promote the 2016 Olympic games.
The idea of this entry was to create an iconic sculptural building which could be clearly identified viewed from every approach. The form offers a unique and differing silhouette depending on the angle of approach vertically and horizontally. A long circling ramp coils down rotating your view of the tower. Whilst the ramp descends the perimeter wall remains at one height slowly reducing your view back to Rio and focusing your attention to the tower.
Halfway down and you can filter onto a vast open piazza allowing you to get close to the tower base. The piazza edge offers a position to pause and enjoy the panoramic view of the Rio coastline.
The ramp continues from the piazza further into the belly of the island and takes you to the underground entrance before you to travel up the tower past floors containing gallery space, dining, function and ultimately to the top unique viewing platform.